January 2016 Release Update

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We are pleased to announce our January 2016 Monthly Release Update

The Krow Professional Services Automation (PSA) January Release includes key enhancements and new features across the entire product suite including time-off management, holiday schedules, task bill rates, new custom settings and much more!

Krow PSA is the next generation Professional Services Automation solution built 100% native on Salesforce delivering a 5-10x faster deployment than traditional PSA solutions.

New Features Include:

Time-Off Management

With this release we introduce the ability to request time-off and have this time reflected on project assignments and the resource planner. When a user requests time-off using the new Time-Off tab and is approved, this approved time is reflected on the project assignment(s) and resource planner.

Time-off types can be configured during implementation. Additionally, the hours calculated during time off are based on the resources work schedule hours, holiday hours, as well as the ability for a user to enter in a hours duration if applicable. These hours are then updated and reflect on project assignments. Time off dates are reflected using the color code purple on the resource planner.

Holiday Schedules

Holiday schedules and associated Holiday Dates can now be created and added to a project resources Work Schedule. Holiday Dates when created specify the number of hours (if any) that are considered working hours for a particular holiday date – normally set to zero.

If a Project Assignment falls on a designated holiday date for a project resource, these dates will be updated on the project assignment to reflect the holiday dates working hours and display as the color code blue on the resource planner.

Multiple Holiday Calendars can be created to support regional and global project resources.

Task Rates

We have introduced a new field on a task called “Task Rate”. The Task Rate field supports the ability to enter in a Bill Rate for this particular task that may be different than the general Project Bill Rate for this resource. If the Task Rate is entered, the system uses this rate as the Bill Rate when charging time against this task. Otherwise, if no Task Rate is found, the system continues to use the Project Resources default Bill Rate for that Project.

Salesforce Accounts

We have added a lookup to Salesforce Accounts to the Task, Project, and Timesheet objects with this release. Moreover, when entering Time, you can configure the timesheet so a user can enter time against an Account as well as Project, Tasks, and Custom Fields. Moreover, if an Account is Chosen, the Project list will be filtered displaying only those Projects that are assigned to the Account.

We have included new custom settings (details below) to control the display of fields and if certain fields should be required during timesheet entry.

Dependency Clone

When cloning from a Project Template, the Task Dependencies setup on the Project Template are now cloned as well. In previous releases, Task Dependencies were not cloned from a Project Template and needed to be re-established.

Milestone Indicator

We have added a new icon on the Project Task page to indicated if a Project Task is a Milestone. A Milestone Task is highlight with a purple diamond to the left of the task name, consistent with the display of milestones on the Gantt chart.

New Custom Settings

We have introduced a number of new timesheet custom settings to further control how timesheets are used by project resources. These included the ability to make fields required including Account, Project, and Task, as well as the ability to disable the display of these fields.

We have also delivered new custom settings to specify a Minimum and Maximum number of Hours that must be entered on the Timesheet before the Timesheet can be submitted for Approval. The Timesheet custom settings can be configured for the entire company, by security profile, or by user.