March 2016 Release Update

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The Krow Professional Services Automation (PSA) March Release includes key enhancements and new features across the entire product suite including resource planning, timesheets, skills & certifications, project management, and much more. We are also pleased to announce integrations with accounting systems Sage Live and Intuit Quickbooks with this release.

New Features Include:

Task Timer

We have introduced a new feature called the Task Timer with this release. The Task Timer is available when entering time against a Task from either My Work or My Projects whereby you can now start a timer that will track the time spent on a particular task and create a time entry record automatically. Users can start, pause, and stop the timer as appropriate, creating a new time record when complete.

Missing Timecards

We have delivered a new tab called “Missing Timecards” where you can now search within a period of time to check if any missing timecards exist. The Start Date and End Date search criteria will search for any Timecards that should exist between this period of time based on the timesheet period and display the resulting people (and projects) where timecards have not been created.

Skills & Certifications

With this release we introduce the ability to create and track resource skills & certifications, and use this information when searching for qualified resources to assign to projects. A new tab called “Skills & Certifications” is used to enter in the list of Skills and/or Certifications available to assign to project resources. When assigning skills to resources, there is a new related list called “Project Resource Skills” available on the Project Resource tab where you can assign all the skills attained for each project resource.

Now when searching for resources from the Resource Planner to assign to Projects, you can now filter by Skills, as well as by Project Role to find suitable resources.

Gantt Chart – Hide/Show Columns

You can now hide or add additional fields to the Gantt chart by right-clicking on the Gantt chart columns which will display a list of additional columns that can be added to the Gantt.

Scheduled versus Planned Hours

With this release, you can now toggle between Scheduled Hours (Project Assignment Schedule) and Planned Hours (Task Hours) directly from the Resource Planner. Additionally, a tool-tip displays the Scheduled vs Planned Hours for each date and resource. We are now tracking Planned Hours for each task date over the task duration on the Project Assignment record to enable this display and for accurate reporting of planned time for each resource across Projects and Tasks.

Additionally, we have delivered a new checkbox on the Task called “Split Across Team” where if checked, it will split the Task Planned Hours across all resources (contributors) assigned to this task. Furthermore, we are rolling up the Scheduled Hours and Planned Hours at the Project Level.

Project Task Planner

We now have a version of the Task Planner directly on the Project Detail page. Moreover, you can now easily plan task assignments for a particular project using the Project Task Planner. The Project Task Planner will display all the Resource assigned to that particular project and all assigned and un-assigned project tasks for this project to visually plan and assign project task ownership. The tasks displayed for each project resource represent all tasks across various projects for accurate planning purposes, although unassigned tasks display only those unassigned tasks for the project in focus.

Bottom Up Planning

We have included a new checkbox on the Project called “Bottom-Up Planning”. If checked, the system will calculate expected revenue/budget and cost totals across all tasks within the project based on the project tasks and assigned resources for planning purposes such as to be used as input into a services statement of work. A new field “Budgeted Cost” is calculated based on the Task Planned Hours multiplied by the Resource Cost rate for that Resource. A new field Expected Revenue is calculated based on the Task Planned Hours multiplied by the Bill Rate for that Resource.

Integrations with Quick Book Enterprise and Sage Live

We have now delivered the first versions of two integrations with Intuit Quickbooks Enterprise and Sage Live. With these integrations, you can now send billing and invoice details directly to both Quickbooks Enterprise and Sage Live that will create journal transactions/entries automatically.