April 2016 Release Update

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We are pleased to announce our April 2016 Monthly Release Update

The Krow Professional Services Automation (PSA) April Release includes key enhancements and new features across the entire product suite including resource planning, vendor invoices, timesheets, project management, and much more.

To see the latest release and demonstration of our next generation PSA solution, make sure to register for our upcoming Webinar on April 14th, at 12 pm EST. You can register at the following link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7429609349816464641

New Features Include:

Resource Planner

You can now view actuals on the resource planner based on time entered against projects and tasks. Actuals are displayed in a row directly underneath the planned hours for both projects and tasks. There is a toggle at the top of the resource planner to toggle off/on the display of actuals. We have also renamed the resource planner views to Project/Task to better indicate the purpose of the planning view.

Vendor Invoices

We are pleased to introduce Vendor Invoices with this release. Vendor Invoices enable you or your vendors to create vendor invoices for services work (including expenses) completed on behalf of a vendor to your organization. Vendors could be companies or individual contractors. Now all your vendor bills can be consolidated in one place and integrated to accounting for payment.

Queues Assignment

You can now add a Queue(s) to Task and Project Team Members in addition to individual users. A Queue represents a defined grouping of users such as a department or line of business. Once created, you can simply add the Queue to the project or task where every user will be assigned when saved. Queues are delivered with the Salesforce Platform and available under Setup.


Now when allocating start and end times to a task, we are automatically defaulting the end time to one hour after the start time when entered. This can be updated at anytime. We now deliver a confirmation to users that unsaved time entries exist on the timesheet when the user attempts to navigate away from My Timesheet without saving.

Auto Completion of % Complete

We now automatically update the Project Completion % based on the Tasks Completion % for that Project. Additionally, we now update the Task Completion % based on the Completion % of all Subtasks for that Task.

Gantt Chart – Zoom to Fit

With this release we introduce a new button “Zoom to Fit” on the Gantt chart that when pressed will update the Gantt viewer to automatically fit to the project duration.

Updating Task Dates Inline

Now when you change the Start Date of a Task Inline on the task row, the system automatically updates the Due Date to the appropriate date to match the original task duration. The Task End Date can still be changed at any time to reflect a new end date as required.

Task Lag & Dependencies

We have introduced support for Task Lag Days with this release. Lag Days represent a delay between tasks which are linked by a dependency. When a lag is entered for a particular task and a dependency to this task is created, the start date will automatically take into consideration the lag in days specified. You can also now view the Task Predecessor directly on the Task detail page.

Project Management

Tasks can now be marked as Project Phases. When a task is marked as a Project Phase, any tasks underneath this Project Phase will control the phase duration. We have introduced a new icon “Save View” on the Project Task detail page. When a user selects to show All Project Tasks (Active and Complete), or Completed Tasks from the filter, the user can Save this View as the default view. The common use-case is the user always wants to view both active and completed tasks on the project plan view.

Share Tasks & Timesheet with Manager

We have delivered two new custom settings with this release to share the Tasks and/or Timesheets with a User’s Manager as defined on the User’s record. If selected, the Task and/or Timesheet will be shared with the Manager and viewable by the manager when selecting the new “My Team” views (see below).

My Team Views

We have introduced a new filter available from both the My Work tab and Resource Planner tab named “My Team”. When selecting this filter, a list of the users team on the resource planner will be displayed or team tasks from My Work will display based on the manager hierarchy as set up on the user record. Moreover, a manager can view their teams resource plan and tasks.