Krow Announces Major Enhancements to Resource Management, Delivering the Industry’s Most Complete and Connected Platform for Professional Services Automation

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Latest Fall Release enhancements include resource planning and forecasting, project management, expenses and billing, delivering the modern services platform for customer success.

Krow Software, a leading provider of professional services automation software delivering an intuitive and modern solution for professional services organizations, today announced the latest release of Krow PSA, built 100% native on the leading cloud platform from Salesforce. The latest product innovations offer the industry's most modern and connected services platform for customer success.

Key features with Krow Professional Services Automation (PSA) delivered in Fall 18 include:

Resource Management - Krow continues to deliver the most innovative and comprehensive solution for resource management with the latest release. Major enhancements with this release include:

An expanded visual resource planning console, enabling users to drag-and-drop to schedule resources from an expanded duration without scrolling, including the ability to quickly progress back and forth from month to month, week to week, day to day in real-time, or easily jump to any time period as desired.

A significantly expanded resource filtering capability to allow resource managers to further search and refine displayed resources for planning including the ability to multi-select and combine filters such as by project, account, availability, skills, roles, teams, practice, region, location, and more.

The ability to update the utilization display on-demand to visualize the resource pool based on configurable calculation settings, updating the color-coding of resource availability in real-time.

The ability to review project planned, task scheduled, resource availability, resource utilization, and actuals based on time entry all from one view, eliminating the need to generate complex reports to visualize this information.

An updated resource search and compare now automatically defaults in resource request search criteria and a new column now displays resource availability during the timeframe of the resource request selected for immediate visualization.

Updates to task and project assignment synchronization including the ability to choose how project and task schedules are synchronized, either syncing by matching timeframe, or clearing out previously planned time.

The ability to schedule status changes within any period, supporting the ability for multi-status assignments by day, week, month, or year, enabling complete flexibility in resource scheduling by simple drag-and-drop.

Project Management - Now when choosing to export project task details directly while viewing a project, the fields displayed and order of fields are now completely configurable, including the ability to add custom fields. Now when managing project tasks, users can view, add, and edit project issues alongside tasks in the same view. Enhanced task checklist functionality includes the ability to define project task checklists on project templates that will be cloned to the new project during project creation. You can now configure task checklists to automatically update task completion based on checklist completion.

Expense Management - New enhancements with expense management include the ability to clone expenses, which will clone all expense line details to easily create and submit expenses that may occur frequently.

Billing – Enhancements to Retainer Billing include the ability to calculate excess of a retainer based on actual time entries and rates over the define threshold if an excess rate on the retainer is not specified. Krow PSA supports a comprehensive and out-of-the-box solution for complex project billing including Time & Materials, Fixed Fee, Installment, Milestone, Recurring, % Complete, and Retainer billing, including support for multi-billing methods and revenue recognition as part of the same project or account contract.